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Membership Eligibility: 

Members have full use of Country Club facilities.  Members are supplied with a non-transferable photo ID card. Unit Owners are Members of the Country Club having use and Membership privileges at the Country Club unless their unit is leased.


In the case of a Unit that is being leased, an ID card will be supplied to each renter for the duration of the lease in accordance with paragraph D below; provided, however that the Unit Owners of the leased Unit (and their minor children, if any) have first surrendered all of their ID cards to the Country Club. For purposes of clarifying the issuance of ID card(s) to renters, if a Unit Owner leases his or her Unit, then such Unit Owner shall no longer hold use and Membership privileges in the Country Club for the duration of the lease. It shall be the responsibility of the lessor-Unit Owner to notify the Board of the Country Club in writing of any such lease and provide the ID office at the Country Club with a copy of said lease.


It shall be the responsibility of the Unit Owner to notify the Country Club of a termination of any such lease within thirty (30) calendar days of such termination.


For purposes of clarifying these Country Club Member ship Rules and Regulations, any individual that is a Unit Owner is a Member unless their Unit is rented as described above, in which case, the renter shall exercise such Unit Owners use and membership privileges at the Country Club.  The spouse or “domestic partner” of a Unit Owner shall also be deemed to be a Member for all purposes.  Domestic partners must demonstrate that they are in a committed relation of mutual support that is the functional equivalent of a marriage and be willing to provide the Board of the Country Club with proof establishing their domestic partnership.  Proof of domestic partnership may be demonstrated to the Board of the Country Club by providing one or more of the following items: evidence of a joint banking account, or title and registration of joint ownership of an automobile, or any other documentary evidence as the Board of the Country Club may request.  If an individual is not a Unit Owner/Member or a renter or spouse or domestic partner of a Unit Owner (as stated above) then such individual is a Guest. No relative of a Unit Owner nor the children of a Unit Owner who do not live with Unit Owner on a full time basis shall be considered as Members. Final determinations of whether any individual is a Guest of the Member shall be made by the Administration of the Country Club.  The Board of the Country Club reserves the right to determine whether any Member or renter is abusing the privileges herein above described (including, but not limited to, exercising any right of the Board to deny access to the Country Club as a result of Member delinquency in paying fees due the Country Club) and shall further reserve the right to regulate access to the Country Club in furtherance of the operation of the Country Club.

ID Card Age Requirement: 

A resident family member for which a card is requested, must be 15 years of age or older.  This card must be requested by the parent or guardian.  Residents 14 years of age or under, will be referred to as children.

Obtaining A Country Club ID Card: 

An application/approval form, is to be obtained from the resident’s Phase Association office and then presented to the ID office at the Country Club.  The Country Club ID office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Wednesday 9:00 am – 7:00 pm.

Guest Pass Requirements:

An application/approval form for a guest pass for each guest will be issued by the Phase Association office.  Each application/approval form will include the requesting members’ name and length of stay of the guest.   Application/approval forms are to be presented to the Country Club ID office for issuance of a guest pass.  A guest pass will be limited to a maximum of 21 consecutive days.  A guest pass may be issued six times within a twelve (12) month period, with an interval of fourteen (14) days between Guests.