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Pool Rules



  1.                Broward County and Florida State health laws pertaining to pool usage are applicable.


  2.                Pool rule board should be referred to before using pool.


  3.                Everyone must shower before entering the pool.


  4.              No running, rough play or games allowed in either pool or pool area.  No skateboards, mopeds, bicycles or similar items are permitted in pool area.


  5.                All food and beverage is to be purchased from the Club (see general rule #9).  Refuse is to be deposited in a trash receptacle.


  6.                No glassware of any kind is permitted in the pool area.


  7.                Children 14 years of age or younger, must be under the supervision of a Member (see general rule #8).


  8.                Pool is to be used by Members and their guests only.


  9.                No furniture shall be removed from the pool area.


10.                Audio or visual devices must be battery operated and played at a noise level as not to disturb others.


11.                 Use of the pool is at YOUR OWN RISK, as there is no lifeguard on duty.


12.                 No diving or jumping is permitted.


13.                Floats, beach balls, noodles, inner tubes, water toys or games, are not permitted.  Water wings or body tubes may be used by children.  Exercise devices permitted.


14.                Children who are not toilet trained must wear diapers covered by non-leak pants.


15.             Member families are permitted no more than five (5) guests at the pool area. Member families desirous of having more than five guests or invitees must obtain permission to do so in writing from the Country Club Administration.