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Rules & Regulations


1. All individuals on the Golf course must first register in the Pro Shop with an ID card or a guest pass.   Anyone without a Country Club ID must be accompanied by a Member.

2. Rules of United States Golf Association shall govern all play except for local rules in effect at time of play.

3. Each player must have their own golf bag and clubs in their possession at the time of play.

4. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and any damage caused by their guests to the golf course or property.

5. Golf carts are to be used for playing golf only.  Golf carts are not to be driven onto Phase property.

6. No group exceeding four individuals per tee time is permitted.

7. No more than two individuals may occupy a golf cart.

8. Practicing or giving lessons on the course is strictly prohibited.  The Golf Professional is the only exception to this rule.

9. Rangers/Security have authority to determine breach of course rules, and remove violators from the course.

10. Pro shop personnel will enforce the Dress Code. Individuals in violation will be refused play.

11. Physically impaired designated flags will be issued to an individual upon receipt of documentation substantiating the need for same.

12. The driver of a golf cart must have a valid driver’s license.